Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Uma's D-Day 04-Jan-2011

To kick start the new year 2011, was hocking for an event.  Our support pillars organised a wonderful moment to give a goose bumps to Umapathi, who is tall in all respects.

His name gives a new energy level to anyone. Umapathi literally means, Lord Shiva.  But if you look closely in to his name U=You, ma=My, me, am Pathi=King, lord, emperor. The ultimate message in the name summarises to YOU AND ME COMES TOGETHER, WE CAN BE THE KING.

His birthday was on 27th Dec 2010, due to year end shut down, we couldnt meet each other. So our pillars decided to pull it on 4th Jan 2011.

The event started with a lighting the candle of hopes, and blowing away the candle to symbolic representation of blowing away the evil spirits.

Then a wide spread birthday song, cake cutting, and sharing the happy moments, during this time, when cake was being cut and being distributed, one of his close buddy Shankar smeared the cake on to his favourite Umpathy's face, and joy erupted like a live volcano.  

You can have a glimpse at some of the happy moments of the event. 

Look for more in this blog, moments will be moved all the way.

Keep rocking!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Only sad story is, I was not invited :)

  2. We should be like a bin bulaye mehaman (uninvited guests)... Thanks buddy for your comment.

  3. If you guys close the Bond room shutter& celebrate , Which Einstein will come to know about it.. :)

    Anyway, wonderful and innovative blog.
    This kicks off the heat in us to start something new like this (capturing the collectible movements)

    I may knock your Knowledge bank, when i start framing only few events from our support team, early next month (after my exams)

    Keep going.

  4. Thanks buddy for the lovely comments. Anytime you can bank on your "knowledge bank", am there to bail you out to the safe shores.

  5. nice thought bro.. and thanks for capturing such beautiful moments..