Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chaya's Birthday - 17th June 2008

As it was mentioned in the previous posting, one more gala event was in pipe line.

It happened to be on 17th June 2008, where it collided with opening ceremony of office space for our team.

The ribbon cutting ceremony was done with a welcome shloka by "Shuklaam Bharadaram" from my mobile, as requested by the inauguration ceremony owner Joseph.

 Later on, it was the birthday person, Chaya took over the dialouge part after an initial welcome gesture speech by Joseph.

The chocolate flavor had been cut in to pieces, and it was happily sitting in each and everyone's belly sinking along with the happy moments.

Moments and mementos will be green forever. One of the fine moments in our team had been digitally stored for the future rewind!!!

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