Thursday, January 6, 2011

send off to Shobha and Neelu


Shobha was in our team for a very short term, probably around 7 – 8 Months.  During that time, she put an indelible mark on the team, she was cheerful gal all the way.  But strangely on her day of send off, major fulcrum of the team members were in a extended session of a meeting, which went on went on.

The rest of the team members some how able to pull it off, after waiting for endless hours, and could able to record only one moment of glory of this occasion.


She was a blue eyed girl of team, her name, her eyes told all about her.  She was effervescent, her cheeky voice, whether in screaming tone, or happy tone was a thing to remember forever.

She decided to desert us as she was entering in to an eternal bonding, so it was perfect send off planned and executed by the team.

An eventful lunch on with the team and also a memento, and a group snap was a perfect icing on the cake.

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