Thursday, January 6, 2011

Team Outing 22nd Oct 2008

It was a royal day on many counts.

When i started to office on that day, it was heavily raining.  I will be a mad-max in riding a bike, it rain drizzles like Kushboo sizzles on the screen.

So what a day it was.  I came to office fully drenched condition.  At around 10.30 there was team meeting with the director.

The meeting was awesome as usual with charismatic presentation by Joseph. After the successful and satisfactory meeting, he decided to treat us with a lunch.

We went to the near by restaurant, it was decked like a mughal garden of periodic time frame.  Zooming lamps, spell bounding window curtains, the table and chairs with unique style.

These are all made to think, are we entered in to an mughal era of Shahajahan.  When we were admiring the beauty of the landscape, there comes a man with sword and king crown.

then it was a little photo session, before the mandatory eating session. Even though no one was prepared for this kind of entry, wanted to mark these glorious moments in my hard disk, so pulled out my reliable mobile, and captured those moments.  Even though the photo/images were not great to watch due to dull lightings, still it etched a permanent mark in the session to record with.

Have those glimpses and be a king in your own right.

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