Saturday, April 23, 2011

Marriage Anniversary - Chaya-Prakash

Shiva:  Parvathi, today I will be late for dinner, don’t wait for me

Parvathi:  Why My lord, are you going out of station from Kailasa, anything urgent

Shiva: Yes, My dear, Am going to my house near white house.

Parvathi: ooh, you are going to USA is it, I too haven’t seen, would like to come with you, will you permit me.

Shiva: No dear, this is a blessed house near RT Nagar, where in blessed couples - living in the shadow (Chaya) of supreme lord of wealth (Sirish) and lightening light (Prakash).  Today is the day of coming together in each other lives. Would be going to bless them on this momentous occasion of their life. 

Paravathi: My lord, See Ganapa, and Subbu already with their vehicles on, call Nandi, we all go there to bless the best couples on the earth

Will wish them, happiness, progress, healthy wealth to the family, wish you a wonderful day and year ahead.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Advance Birthday wishes to Gurudutt - 19th March 2011

The Sanskrit Shloka says

"Guru is brahma – Guru is the creator"
"Guru is Vishnu – Guru is the disciples god"
"Guru is maheshwara – Guru is the care taker"
The combination of all the three, is Guru Dutta. 

On the day of your day, let the creativity, Disciples, and the caretaking be follows you all the time.

Wish you the the happiness, joy, and the growth be with you all the time.

Wish you a advanced happy birthday wishes

Friday, March 18, 2011

Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru devo Maheshwara - 19th March 2011

The Sanskrit Shloka says

"Guru is brahma – Guru is the creator"
"Guru is Vishnu – Guru is the disciples god"
"Guru is maheshwara – Guru is the care taker"
The combination of all the three, is Guru Dutta. 

On the day of your day, let the creativity, Disciples, and the caretaking be follows you all the time.

Wish you the the happiness, joy, and the growth be with you all the time.

Wish you a advanced happy birthday wishes

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Team of Angels in Cisco

My nature of work is like honey-bee…taking fragrance, and honey from each and every flower….all the people who listed below, and all of them, who are not in the list, helped me to build a nest of honey… so showing my gratitude in this way

Anand Nagaraj
Title : Sri's Supremo
Reason : Supremo will be the one, who will tackle anything from everything

Anand Reddy
Title   : Sri's-Ullasanga Utsahanga
Reason : Lively is the one word, which sparkles the energy level

Title : Sri's-Matadeesharu
Reason : Matadeesharu always silent filled patience, that will elevate their happiness

Title  : Sri's-Prabhandhak
Reason : Prabhandhak is one who manages the show

Title : Sri's-Sprinkler
Reason : Sprinkler spills the water all round to grow along with the growth

Title   : Sri's-Super Natural
Reason : Super itself is high, if is naturally super then it will be higher high

Santosh Peter
Title   : Sri's-Star
Reason : Star always twinkles with lesser light, but only people will know its importance

Title : Sri's-Sri
Reason : He is the starter for anything….Sri is the Starting of everything and anything with
Out him Sri will end.

Suresh B
Title : Sri's-Stylo Stylo
Reason : Style is the one which cuts above the rest

Tirumala Naidu Kampalli
Title : Sri's-Leadingship
Reason : Ship and leading are the two things which gets success in life.

Title : Sri's-Twinkle Star
Reason : Twinkling, and showing their presence, that is what life is all about

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Day to remember - Birthday 2nd March 2011

There was a meeting to attended at 14.30 on that eventful day.  Suddenly, Joseph,  stud up from his seat, and said, let us go for a meeting.

I was wondering, what happened, I thought, may be he had blocked a room.  I followed him, along with Chay, and Guru, surprising was waiting in the form of birthday bash. A beautiful cake was waiting for me to put knifing on the cake.

As against the practice, instead of blowing away the candle, as per my practice, i lighted the candles, and kept away from the cake.

My guys demanded a song from me, but i promised that, i can write stories on the key board, but not from my tongue.  So this blog is dedicated to my team, who inspired me to go on high on my words.

The snap shots at the event provided a bigger enjoyment among ourselves.

My isnpirational friend, Sreedevi,  from one of the best alias i had ever been interacted blr-masala, presented a wonderful, master's piece "Lord Ganesh".  What is the best way to bid adieu to the organisation, which provided best moments, best friends, wonderful colleagues. A big Salute to Cisco.

Surprise was waiting for me in my house.  My best friend - Sheethal - My daughter handed out a nice write up for my birthday.....even though it was a complaint rather than compliment, but still i was dumb stuck at her writing spirits, which gave me a feeling that, my writing legacy will be continued by her.

A Big thanks to everyone, the wishes, the compliments, which has the potential to put me on a high pedestal, for making my D-Day a G-Day (Great Day)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The get to gather - 4th March 2011

The identification recognition happens all the time.  

The Sun, The Moon, The Stars always twinkles in the sky all the time. 

The Stars power will twinkle and outshines the Sun and the Moon, when they will get to hear the loud applause, by making a sound when two of our hands strikes together to make an energy yielding sound.  
The Announcing the world - What we are in to!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One such event was turning to unfold on the 4th Day of March 2011.  What  a day it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Man - The Moment - Joseph
Master craftsman, our manager Joseph, inspired of our honeybees, who constantly on their toes to make sure the team of invincible's on the path of less stress, by master planing an recognition program of their gallant efforts.  The competition was stiff, tough, but everyone was on a high on their own respects.  
Team awaiting to unfold the glaring moments.
The all team members, did identified some best talents, and rewarded as per their wishes.  Everyone had their share of moments of high.
The team awaiting to witness the moments of high!!!!!!!!!!!

Joseph started in usual impeccable style, the agenda of the all hands meeting.
Am telling you, this is the best of our team of network - Joseph

The roar, the applause, the spirits of happiness were high, as our trusted lieutenants being awarded with the awards, mementos.
It is so simple to be simple - Joseph

One small frame to accommodate the big Team!!!!!!
Some of the images will capture those freezing moments, and also mark the finale to my career in Cisco with the team of invincible's. It was an experience, where my words will feel to fail to express, as it leaving such a team of maestro's will make anyone's heart more heavy than the usual weight.  
Weight of emotions!!!!!!!
Just my eyes, and heart gave way to few invisible tears down the cheek.  These three years will be an golden chapter, which i want to unwind to visit the moments of life all the time.

It is a great get-to-gather the moments of happiness all round us.

The rest of the glaring moments are linked in the following..have a wonderful time..wish you all the best!!!!!!!!

This is not the end, but the beginning of an great team of invincibles.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Anand Reddy - Anando brahma - 4th Feb 2011

The ever agile Anand who is fondly called by Pinku as Chikka Anand, was on cloud nine on this day.

“Anando Brahma Govindoo Haar (ఆనందో బ్రహ్మ గోవిన్డూ హార)
Nee pere Ananda naaa pere snehamu” (నీ పేరే ఆనంద నా పేరే స్నేహము)

To be happy in the life…we should stay with Happiness

Anand…..Puttina Roju shubakanksalu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wish you a wonderful Anand filled day

Ranga's Superday 28th Jan 2011

The super boy of our team with effervescent look gladly celebrated his day of his life with his life time buddies.

Sikkapatte Istapatte Istapatte Sikkapatte I Like it, I like it

Ivattu Nimma Huttu Habba, adakke naavu wish madi bitte…you like it , you like it

Nimma dina chennagirali, nimma varusha harushavagirali

Neevu Super Ranga…nimma Birthday sooper ranga

Wish you happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lamp & Knowledge

Lamp talking to knowledge

Lamp : I don’t find any difference between us, we two are great friends, and our deeds are also similar

Knowledge : Yes, you are true, Knowledge requires light to show the path, and….

Lamp : Lamp requires to knowledge to put the light on the correct path…

Knowledge : When there is Jnana &  language, and the Style  accumulated at one place, then the future will be as bright as the Sun

Lamp : I didn’t get you? Can you elaborate please?

Knowledge : Jnana=Gnana (Knowledge), Bhashyam=Language, Style Shekar=The place of storage

Lamp : oh you mean to say our Gnana Bhashyam Shekar is one such gifted person right!!!!!

Knowledge : Yes you are right, and today is his day of celebration, let his dream, ambition, desire, goals all get comes true, will wish him a wonderful day and years to come.

Lamp is backed by knowledge, knowledge will throw away the darkness around the lamp…let the birthday brings more and more happy moments all the way!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

send off to Shobha and Neelu


Shobha was in our team for a very short term, probably around 7 – 8 Months.  During that time, she put an indelible mark on the team, she was cheerful gal all the way.  But strangely on her day of send off, major fulcrum of the team members were in a extended session of a meeting, which went on went on.

The rest of the team members some how able to pull it off, after waiting for endless hours, and could able to record only one moment of glory of this occasion.


She was a blue eyed girl of team, her name, her eyes told all about her.  She was effervescent, her cheeky voice, whether in screaming tone, or happy tone was a thing to remember forever.

She decided to desert us as she was entering in to an eternal bonding, so it was perfect send off planned and executed by the team.

An eventful lunch on with the team and also a memento, and a group snap was a perfect icing on the cake.

A Day with Knowledge Hungry Kids

Kids are always special.  Each kid is unique just like stripes on Zeebra.  The hunger to know more will be high in kids than the grown ups.  If their energy, enthusiasm is channelized properly, there is no end to genius in this world.

But unfortunately, knowledge hungry becomes hungry for ledging stomach, that spills the doom for the kids in remote, and rural schools in India.

So many NGO, without any political motivation, or inclined to any evil intention supports these knowledge hungry kids in more than many ways.  It may not be possible to put a permanent full stop for their ledging hunger for lively-hood, but atleast it helps them to meet and mingle with the people around.

This is one effort where our team members zoomed in to near by schools in and around campus and struck a chord with the students, played with them, gelled well.  Made them comfortable in their open arms.
By doing so, the grownups will realise what they lost, and what is the real condition of students lives, and in turn kids were looking at their role models in the years to come, and what they can aspire to become in their life.

Some of the moments captured with the kids and with kiddish antics.  Moments to be remembered.