Thursday, March 10, 2011

Team of Angels in Cisco

My nature of work is like honey-bee…taking fragrance, and honey from each and every flower….all the people who listed below, and all of them, who are not in the list, helped me to build a nest of honey… so showing my gratitude in this way

Anand Nagaraj
Title : Sri's Supremo
Reason : Supremo will be the one, who will tackle anything from everything

Anand Reddy
Title   : Sri's-Ullasanga Utsahanga
Reason : Lively is the one word, which sparkles the energy level

Title : Sri's-Matadeesharu
Reason : Matadeesharu always silent filled patience, that will elevate their happiness

Title  : Sri's-Prabhandhak
Reason : Prabhandhak is one who manages the show

Title : Sri's-Sprinkler
Reason : Sprinkler spills the water all round to grow along with the growth

Title   : Sri's-Super Natural
Reason : Super itself is high, if is naturally super then it will be higher high

Santosh Peter
Title   : Sri's-Star
Reason : Star always twinkles with lesser light, but only people will know its importance

Title : Sri's-Sri
Reason : He is the starter for anything….Sri is the Starting of everything and anything with
Out him Sri will end.

Suresh B
Title : Sri's-Stylo Stylo
Reason : Style is the one which cuts above the rest

Tirumala Naidu Kampalli
Title : Sri's-Leadingship
Reason : Ship and leading are the two things which gets success in life.

Title : Sri's-Twinkle Star
Reason : Twinkling, and showing their presence, that is what life is all about

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