Sunday, March 6, 2011

The get to gather - 4th March 2011

The identification recognition happens all the time.  

The Sun, The Moon, The Stars always twinkles in the sky all the time. 

The Stars power will twinkle and outshines the Sun and the Moon, when they will get to hear the loud applause, by making a sound when two of our hands strikes together to make an energy yielding sound.  
The Announcing the world - What we are in to!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One such event was turning to unfold on the 4th Day of March 2011.  What  a day it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Man - The Moment - Joseph
Master craftsman, our manager Joseph, inspired of our honeybees, who constantly on their toes to make sure the team of invincible's on the path of less stress, by master planing an recognition program of their gallant efforts.  The competition was stiff, tough, but everyone was on a high on their own respects.  
Team awaiting to unfold the glaring moments.
The all team members, did identified some best talents, and rewarded as per their wishes.  Everyone had their share of moments of high.
The team awaiting to witness the moments of high!!!!!!!!!!!

Joseph started in usual impeccable style, the agenda of the all hands meeting.
Am telling you, this is the best of our team of network - Joseph

The roar, the applause, the spirits of happiness were high, as our trusted lieutenants being awarded with the awards, mementos.
It is so simple to be simple - Joseph

One small frame to accommodate the big Team!!!!!!
Some of the images will capture those freezing moments, and also mark the finale to my career in Cisco with the team of invincible's. It was an experience, where my words will feel to fail to express, as it leaving such a team of maestro's will make anyone's heart more heavy than the usual weight.  
Weight of emotions!!!!!!!
Just my eyes, and heart gave way to few invisible tears down the cheek.  These three years will be an golden chapter, which i want to unwind to visit the moments of life all the time.

It is a great get-to-gather the moments of happiness all round us.

The rest of the glaring moments are linked in the following..have a wonderful time..wish you all the best!!!!!!!!

This is not the end, but the beginning of an great team of invincibles.

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