Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lamp & Knowledge

Lamp talking to knowledge

Lamp : I don’t find any difference between us, we two are great friends, and our deeds are also similar

Knowledge : Yes, you are true, Knowledge requires light to show the path, and….

Lamp : Lamp requires to knowledge to put the light on the correct path…

Knowledge : When there is Jnana &  language, and the Style  accumulated at one place, then the future will be as bright as the Sun

Lamp : I didn’t get you? Can you elaborate please?

Knowledge : Jnana=Gnana (Knowledge), Bhashyam=Language, Style Shekar=The place of storage

Lamp : oh you mean to say our Gnana Bhashyam Shekar is one such gifted person right!!!!!

Knowledge : Yes you are right, and today is his day of celebration, let his dream, ambition, desire, goals all get comes true, will wish him a wonderful day and years to come.

Lamp is backed by knowledge, knowledge will throw away the darkness around the lamp…let the birthday brings more and more happy moments all the way!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

send off to Shobha and Neelu


Shobha was in our team for a very short term, probably around 7 – 8 Months.  During that time, she put an indelible mark on the team, she was cheerful gal all the way.  But strangely on her day of send off, major fulcrum of the team members were in a extended session of a meeting, which went on went on.

The rest of the team members some how able to pull it off, after waiting for endless hours, and could able to record only one moment of glory of this occasion.


She was a blue eyed girl of team, her name, her eyes told all about her.  She was effervescent, her cheeky voice, whether in screaming tone, or happy tone was a thing to remember forever.

She decided to desert us as she was entering in to an eternal bonding, so it was perfect send off planned and executed by the team.

An eventful lunch on with the team and also a memento, and a group snap was a perfect icing on the cake.

A Day with Knowledge Hungry Kids

Kids are always special.  Each kid is unique just like stripes on Zeebra.  The hunger to know more will be high in kids than the grown ups.  If their energy, enthusiasm is channelized properly, there is no end to genius in this world.

But unfortunately, knowledge hungry becomes hungry for ledging stomach, that spills the doom for the kids in remote, and rural schools in India.

So many NGO, without any political motivation, or inclined to any evil intention supports these knowledge hungry kids in more than many ways.  It may not be possible to put a permanent full stop for their ledging hunger for lively-hood, but atleast it helps them to meet and mingle with the people around.

This is one effort where our team members zoomed in to near by schools in and around campus and struck a chord with the students, played with them, gelled well.  Made them comfortable in their open arms.
By doing so, the grownups will realise what they lost, and what is the real condition of students lives, and in turn kids were looking at their role models in the years to come, and what they can aspire to become in their life.

Some of the moments captured with the kids and with kiddish antics.  Moments to be remembered.

John Chamber Visit to Campus - 12th Feb 2009

John Chamber's visit created a furore in Campus.  Each and every event organised was an awesome experience. Everything was meticulously planned and executed. 

Invitation had been received to volunteer for a meeting and presentations.  So Srinivas, Manju, Sridhar, Shekar was chosen for this mega event, and finally my name was also freezed for this.

It was a breathtaking moment for all of us. 

After the meeting, which lasted at around 22.30 or so in the night, everyone was leaving to their shores, suddenly we got a call from our Shekar, and he asked us to come near a place.  Without thinking twice, all of us instructed our legs to run toward the point what Shekar had hinted us.

A surprise was waiting for us from him, he said, John will be coming in that path, and so we can take a snap with him, what a great idea.  We told milion thanks to him in our heart.  

The great moment came in, John came in, Shekar went to him, and asked his permission, he cooly noded his head, and gave a wonderful pose for our camera.  We stood with him, it was a frame to be freezed in Gold.

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Free strokes - 29th Aug 2008

To set the monotonous work on to back burner, two people started cracking jokes left and right.

Kusuma was seriously working on her project. By hearing the noise, she joined in.

Then it became contagious,  Krithika and Kusuma joined the bandwagon.  

They mesmerized by playing with the trolley like a tiny kids.

In my childhood i used to play with these kind of trolleys, tyres of cycles, Rim of Cycles, but never seen this kind of play with grown up people....hahahahahah

Some fun was waiting to unfold in Cafe, when we went for a coffee break and to collect the fruits as well, The apple given the pack had a peculiar design.  Look for yourself.