Wednesday, January 5, 2011

One Rainy Day in Campus - 15th March 2008

It was one saturday in Campus.  It was my earlier days.  

When my self, Pradeep, and Chaya were working on with our routines.  

At around 18.30 hours in the evening, we decided to have coffee, since on Saturday coffee vending machines will be available in Cafe, we decided to hop in to it.  
Chaya in the back drop of rainy campus!

Trimurthy with Umbrella - Srinivas, Pradeep, and Myself

Smiling Beauty Pradeep

When we stepped outside, we couldn't believe our selves.  It was raining cats and dogs.  It was an amazing experience to see rain shower in the glass atmosphere. 

We took couple of pictures from our mobile, even though picture may not be awesome, but the experience of partially drenching in the rain, shivering with cold, and sipping hot coffee..was a breathtaking experience.

Thanks to my colleagues Chaya, Srinivas and my best buddy Pradeep for giving me an able support on that moment of my life.  

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