Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lamp & Knowledge

Lamp talking to knowledge

Lamp : I don’t find any difference between us, we two are great friends, and our deeds are also similar

Knowledge : Yes, you are true, Knowledge requires light to show the path, and….

Lamp : Lamp requires to knowledge to put the light on the correct path…

Knowledge : When there is Jnana &  language, and the Style  accumulated at one place, then the future will be as bright as the Sun

Lamp : I didn’t get you? Can you elaborate please?

Knowledge : Jnana=Gnana (Knowledge), Bhashyam=Language, Style Shekar=The place of storage

Lamp : oh you mean to say our Gnana Bhashyam Shekar is one such gifted person right!!!!!

Knowledge : Yes you are right, and today is his day of celebration, let his dream, ambition, desire, goals all get comes true, will wish him a wonderful day and years to come.

Lamp is backed by knowledge, knowledge will throw away the darkness around the lamp…let the birthday brings more and more happy moments all the way!!!!!!!!

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