Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Day with Knowledge Hungry Kids

Kids are always special.  Each kid is unique just like stripes on Zeebra.  The hunger to know more will be high in kids than the grown ups.  If their energy, enthusiasm is channelized properly, there is no end to genius in this world.

But unfortunately, knowledge hungry becomes hungry for ledging stomach, that spills the doom for the kids in remote, and rural schools in India.

So many NGO, without any political motivation, or inclined to any evil intention supports these knowledge hungry kids in more than many ways.  It may not be possible to put a permanent full stop for their ledging hunger for lively-hood, but atleast it helps them to meet and mingle with the people around.

This is one effort where our team members zoomed in to near by schools in and around campus and struck a chord with the students, played with them, gelled well.  Made them comfortable in their open arms.
By doing so, the grownups will realise what they lost, and what is the real condition of students lives, and in turn kids were looking at their role models in the years to come, and what they can aspire to become in their life.

Some of the moments captured with the kids and with kiddish antics.  Moments to be remembered.

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