Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dharmasthala - A Journey to Heaven - 23nd April 2008

It was a memorable journey to the heaven of western ghats.

A courtesy visit to the lord Manjunatha in Dharmasthala brought many memories from the wonderful natural landscape of the country.

The misty fisty morning cold, just vanished, when myself, my reliable buddy Pradeep, Santosh, Ranga, Anand ventured in to the waters of Nethravathi.  It was an dream come true experience.

After that visit to the temple to get the blessing of the lord was equally refreshing, even though we stood close to four hours in the Que, it was not a tiresome experience.

The prasad or midday meal in the temple complex helped to reduce the screaming stomach to maximum extent.

Since previous night drive, we had a bad experience to "search the road between the pothole contesst" in shiradi ghat, it was decided to hit the majestic Charmadi Ghat.  For nature lover like me it was an lifetime experience. I was sitting next to the driver, and was capturing whatever frames possible with my aim and shoot digital friend.

On the way to reach Bangalore, we went back close to 600 years ago, the sand stone marvel "Belur" temple. Masterminded by "The Modern Vishwakarma" Jakkanacharya, how many times you see, every time it will throw new face, new light to enrich your data base.

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