Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Day to remember - Birthday 2nd March 2011

There was a meeting to attended at 14.30 on that eventful day.  Suddenly, Joseph,  stud up from his seat, and said, let us go for a meeting.

I was wondering, what happened, I thought, may be he had blocked a room.  I followed him, along with Chay, and Guru, surprising was waiting in the form of birthday bash. A beautiful cake was waiting for me to put knifing on the cake.

As against the practice, instead of blowing away the candle, as per my practice, i lighted the candles, and kept away from the cake.

My guys demanded a song from me, but i promised that, i can write stories on the key board, but not from my tongue.  So this blog is dedicated to my team, who inspired me to go on high on my words.

The snap shots at the event provided a bigger enjoyment among ourselves.

My isnpirational friend, Sreedevi,  from one of the best alias i had ever been interacted blr-masala, presented a wonderful, master's piece "Lord Ganesh".  What is the best way to bid adieu to the organisation, which provided best moments, best friends, wonderful colleagues. A big Salute to Cisco.

Surprise was waiting for me in my house.  My best friend - Sheethal - My daughter handed out a nice write up for my birthday.....even though it was a complaint rather than compliment, but still i was dumb stuck at her writing spirits, which gave me a feeling that, my writing legacy will be continued by her.

A Big thanks to everyone, the wishes, the compliments, which has the potential to put me on a high pedestal, for making my D-Day a G-Day (Great Day)


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